Who was Dr. Clark

Who was
Dr. Clark

In over 30 years of research Dr. Hulda R. Clark managed to get to the origin of countless pathologies and discovered that in most cases, diseases with no apparent no relation whatsoever, have the same initial focus: pathogens (parasites, bacteria, fungus), and toxics (heavy metals, solvents, PCB´S, azo-dyes), which are immunosupressants and create a perfect breeding ground for the development of diseases.


  • Doctorate in Biology.
  • DDoctorate in Physiology.
  • Graduate in Genetics.
  • PScientist of The Year in 1999, awarded by the Assossiation for New Science (Colorado)./li>

Author of numerous publications, among them the following best sellers:

The Cure for All Cancers

(english, german, italian, mongol and russian)

The Cure for All Advanced Cancers

(english, German, italian, russian and spanish)

The Cure for HIV/AIDS


The Prevention of All Cancers

(english and italian)

The Syncrometer Lab Manual

(english, french and spanish)

The Cure And Prevention of All Cancers

(english and spanish)

Speaker in over 300 conferences and cogresses at international level