What is Clark Therapy?

What is
Clark Therapy?

To doctor Clark, the basis of almost all pathologies have two origins: toxics and pathogens.

The toxics are immunosuppressant that facilitates the onset of a “field” propitious to the development of pathogens (parasite, bacteria, virus, fungus,…).

On her first book “The Cure For All Diseases”, currently called “Healing is Possible”,  Dr Clark makes reference to the origin and treatment of innumerable pathologies, from arthritis to cancer, passing through others like psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, otitis, cystitis, infertilities, etc…

The basis of the work in Clark Therapy is the elimination of different toxics present in the organism and the eradication of all pathogens, being it parasite, bacteria, virus or fungus, the direct causes of the majority of diseases.

To clean the organism from toxics, the first step is to build up the main organs, detoxing kidneys, liver and intestines, despite the fact that we think they are well, typically we have them dirty, which makes the proper organic performance severely compromised.

To the knowledge of those non familiar with Clark Therapy, the liver of a “normal” person has in its ducts around 2000 stones, and “normal” kidneys, have in general, a big part of its cavities obstructed by dirt, although in regular tests this not detectable.

Simply by cleaning these 3 organs (intestines, kidneys and liver), pathologies like migraine or hypertension improve in a very high percentage. Then one should “match up” with other procedures, like zapping of determined glands or the cleansing of specific parts of the organism, depending on the pathology to treat (bone marrow, neurons, islets of Langerhans, …), through homeography, that leads to a proper organic performance, bringing health back to the patient.