Pathologies treated by Clark Therapy

Pathologies treated by
Clark Therapy?

In principle all pathologies can be treated, from the mildest to the more serious ones, because to Dr. Clark the cause of the majority of them are always pathogens (although not the same for each pathology) in addition to toxics, both at a cellular and systemic level.

In her book “ The Cure for All Disease”, Dr. Clark makes a list of of pathologies treated successfully with her protocol. It is true that a therapist expert in its system can treat almost every pathology, with more or less success, depending on the stage of the pathology and the response of of each patient.


In no case the Clark protocol can harm any patient, as serious as it might be.

Furthermore, Clark therapy can be used without being sick, to improve elite athlete performance for instance. Its efficiency is proven with football and tennis players, gymnasts and professional swimmers.

The Clark therapy also has good results in pathologies diagnosed as psychiatric.

By eliminating parasites and toxics from the organism we can stop or slow down the evolution of practically all diseases and, in a high percentage, eliminate them completely. – Dr. H. Clark